About Us


thefarmersmanual is a reputable online platform that provides relevant and adequate agricultural information to support farmers and agribusinesses in Nigeria and Africa at large. We came into being as a result of the dearth of practical and relevant agribusiness information. We are committed to changing the situation one post at a time. 

We are a foremost reference source for events and happenings in the Nigerian agrarian community. We write on issues that affect farming and we proffer solutions that make our readerships successful farmers.  

We also engage in Market research, general agribusiness consulting, agribusiness feasibility studies, technical support, training, agribusiness insurance underwriting, farm crisis management etc. We make farming and general agricultural businesses a pleasant venture for our clients. 


  • To become the biggest online platform for disseminating relevant and practical information in agriculture while also giving timely news that matter for agribusiness owners. 


  • To bridge information gap between policy makers and implementers, researchers and farmers, producers and the markets.  
  • To improve advisory services in every area of agriculture in Nigeria with a focus on greater profit margin and an overall improved economy. 
  • To facilitate and build capacity using straight-to-the point articles, videos and pictures. 
  • To encourage the participation of Nigerian youths in agriculture through adequate circulation of relevant information that is tailored towards meeting their needs.  


  • Professional advice informed by up-to-date empirical research. 
  • Quality services 
  • Adherence to ethical guidelines  
  • Creativity, flexibility and innovation. 


  • Farmers and agribusiness operators 
  • Youths 
  • Policy makers in the Public and Private sectors 
  • Research and Educational Institutions 
  • Investors and prospective entrepreneurs 
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  •  International Organizations of Agriculture
  •  Financial Institutions