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    Develop Lagos-Abidjan Highway to Boost Agriculture, ECOWAS Urged

    In order to boost regional agriculture and food export, the Project Director, Cassava Adding Value to Africa (CAVA), Prof. Kola Adebayo, enjoined member-states of ECOWAS to fast-track action on the construction of the proposed Lagos-Abidjan Highway.

    Prof. Kola said this after a report for the feasibility study of the planned highway that is expected to link Lagos-Abidjan was authorized and made public.

    The funding for the construction of the highway would be managed by ECOWAS Commission, African Development Fund (AFD), African Investment Facility (AfiF) and other partners.

    The road if constructed, would according to the Prof, provide an economic lifeline for West Africa, help ease transport difficulties faced by food exporters and create jobs because both Lagos and Abidjan have the capacity to grow into a major food hub that will serve the interest of other ECOWAS member- states.

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    Dr. Utiang Ugbe, a former Country Manager, Research into use Nigeria, also supported the claims of Prof. Kola.

    He further stated: “In terms of free movement of people, goods and services, any potential net benefit will be erased if travellers will still spend hours at each national border crossing. Therefore, we must address both hardware and software of the project.”

    The Ministers of Transport, Finance, Justice, and Foreign Affairs from ECOWAS had met in Abuja in the year 2015 to prepare the blueprint for the development of the highway corridor.

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