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Federal Government and APPEALS to Support Rural Farmers in Lagos

The Lagos State Commissioner for Agriculture, Mr. Toyin Sarau at a partnership workshop of the Agro-Processing Agricultural Productivity Enhancement and Livelihood Improvement Support (APPEALS) project in Lagos, said the government is set to improve food production through good seeds, poultry, and fish farming.

According to him, APPEALS is a Government in partnership with World Bank activity to improve the agricultural effect of small and medium scale (SMEs) business farmers in the State. He said the policy was formulated to help farmers in delivering more food.

The Commissioner, represented by the State Permanent Secretary Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Olayiwole Onasanya, said small scale farmers need better training on the type of soil, seed growth, and capacity. Also, they should be given access to business sectors and administrations.

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He said rural women are bold and hardworking and will produce just like men whenever they are given equal chance and equipment.

The APPEALS state project Coordinator, Mrs. Oluranti Oviebo, said through training and knowledge improvement, rural women could take on more noticeable jobs, and in the progress develop their local economy.

She said small scale farmers and those with little business knowledge will benefit from the APPEAL projects.

In her words, life seems hard for many farmers in rural areas as actors such as poor support and restriction to viable business opportunities limit their ability to develop a more substantial income stream.

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APPEALS, an initiative of the World Bank was founded with the objective to boost agricultural productivity of small and medium scale farmers and to improve value in the states involved. It will be recalled under this policy, 10,000 farmers were empowered in Kaduna State earlier this year.

In 2017, the World Bank approved a sum of $200,000,000 to support agricultural productivity and improve livelihood in Nigeria. The fund was tailored to engage both women and youth involved in small scale agribusinesses.

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