Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Irrigation, Farm Estate Will Boost Agricultural Production

Jennifer Abraham, in this piece, argued that agriculture is beginning to receive the necessary attention and factors like stable electricity and reduction in fuel price.

She said these factors could be said to be responsible for the recent fall in food prices and this can continue if enough irrigation infrastructure and farm estates are provided for farmers by both the government and civil engineers.

She cited an example of hardworking vegetable farmers along Oworonshoki Expressway in Lagos, whose efforts make Lagosians enjoy affordable salad and vegetables, needing not depend on the northern part of the country anymore.

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She also said the government can even go a step further by introducing fertigation – an effective way of introducing nutrients into the water with which plants are fed.

Expressing her optimisim, She noted that the support, if provided, will encourage more people go into farming and will in return, through value addition and markets, help each person live a comfortable life without being at the mercy of any employer at the end of the month.

She concluded by suggesting that government through the state agricultural development programme can help acquire farmlands and irrigation facilities while the Minister of Housing can include construction of farm-estates as part of his housing projects across all the 36 states.

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